How to add character to a hanging lamp

       When I was designing the look of Abram's nursery I really wanted a light by the rocking chair to create a reading area. Unfortunately there was no spot for a lamp, so I decided to do a hanging one. 

       First of all, I love that I could create it for pretty cheap since Ikea is for frugal people like me. It also took up no counter space and could not be knocked over and broken by little boys {I may have to raise it later to avoid Tarzan reenactments though}. Best of all, I finally had a use for my Joel Dewberry fabric that I fell in love with and bought before I was even pregnant! 


       - Ikea lamp shade or other shade that can be hung
       - Ikea hanging lamp (basically just the white cord with bulb attachment and a plug in)
       - fabric of your choice (the amount depends on the size of the shade)
       - spray adhesive
       - scissors
       - twine or other rope, string, yarn, etc
       - hot glue gun


       My mom covered the lamp shade for me to help me save time. I told her to take pics while she worked so I could do a tutorial, but she failed me which is why that crafty little woman doesn't have her own blog. Tisk tisk Deb. Luckily, I found a similar tutorial from another amazing DIY'ers blog who remembers to take pics! Check it out here: Cover a lampshade

       Super super easy...I just wanted to cover the white plastic and and electrical numbers with out a girly, bunched fabric. I used twine and simply wrapped it around the cord; hot gluing it on both ends. I did not get the glue on the cord, just the twine itself. I tucked the rest behind the drapes, but it could be wrapped all the way if needed. Using a bright colored string/yarn for a child's room or playroom might be fun!