Insides and Out-n-About

 Pictures taken of Houston's Downtown Theater District while attending their Open House

In the whirlwind that had been the last two or three weeks, I am glad my head is still on straight. Matt had the opportunity to visit Russia for two weeks for business, and jumped on the chance...only to find out he would be leaving in 4 days. After spending the weekend in Lafayette, we took the night before he left to throw some clothes into a suitcase.

Whenever he leaves, I take advantage of having full control...on top of my mountain of homework. In the first week, I bought new plants, painted and organized the office, and cleaned the whole house. The second week I became very bored and started to miss him.

Luckily, the first day of Fall he came back to me. I stayed up until 4 am buying groceries, running, doing homework, cleaning, and folding laundry the night before to make sure he would come home to an organized house. I woke up at 7 am to start quite a large feat in my life...cook a roast. Anyone who knows me knows I can paint a room in a day and alter colors to the slightest variation, but cooking always seems to go wrong and stresses me out to the point of pulling hair. I throw in the carrots, potatoes, onions, and meet stuffed with garlic. I say a prayer that it turns out ok and head to school for the day.

Whenever I return, Matt has been home, but has gone to get a haircut so I throw together some ingredients for a chocolate cake that he loves and I actually cook well.

"My potatoe's are still hard...huh...I'll just turn up the heat".

He and a friend that I invited arrive and my potatoes are still hard. I let them chat while I went through the whole roast picking out the potatoes and throwing them away on the verge of tears...YES I screwed up a roast! haha I boiled some new ones and threw them in just in time for us to eat. The roast was decent, but I need to cook it again soon so that I remember what I want to change. I take my cake out of a new "no spray needed/non-stick" bunt pan and SUPRISE it stuck. It was still delicious, but we have decided that I am the hardest trying, bad cook ever! To calm my nerves, we all took a shot of some Russian Vodka Matt bought and I watched the boys play football games.

Picture of Russia from Matt's hotel room/ Pictures of the Welcome Home Meal

Pictures from the night Matt returned, my hat is from Russia and I am very excited to wear it

I have been very busy with school...and of course going to diagnostic tests to find out why my stomach feels like it has been shoved into my ribs for the last six months. I had blood work done, and ultrasound on Monday,and Friday an endoscopy. As I lay on the bed with an IV in my arm, they spray my throat with numbing spray that burns. Then a green mouthpiece with a whole is shoved into my mouth and the elastic piece is put around my head. I am wheeled into a room where I see the previous patients stomach on the screen and the nurse then puts oxygen in my nose...and I am thinking "where is my drugs to make fall asleep!" All of a sudden I hear one of them say night night and the next thing I know I wake up to a nurse and Matt talking about or wedding and hearing, Congratualtions! I had no clue where I was haha...but was then informed that biopsy's were taken from my stomach because they found an ulcer. I am relieved to know that my pain will soon be gone, I will find out more at my doctor's appointment in a week.

Until next time,