Introducing Abram Mack!

       I haven't written for a while...and for good reason...our son was welcomed into the world, on November 8th, at 8:06 am! What a whirlwind it has been ever since! He is now almost 2 weeks old and if there is one thing I have learned about being a parent in the past 2 weeks, it is that as soon as you think you have a plan of action...things change.

       On Wednesday, November 7th, we ate one last quiet meal with our families and then headed to the hospital, at 8 pm, to be induced. On the way to the room I reminded Matt to take it all in because the day we had been so excited about was finally here and would pass way to quickly.

Last time as a family of 3

       They hooked me up to the machines, and gave me the IV and Cervidil. The plan was to watch a movie, get some rest, and get an epideral after they gave me the pitocin at 2 am. At 11 pm {in the middle of the movie}, the intense contractions started and there was no turning back...I didn't know what hit me at first. Something felt seriously wrong! I tried not to be a baby so I was holding off on asking for an epideral. I hate the 1-10 pain scale...they say 10 is death and I don't know about you but I have no clue what death feels like! When the nurse realized that I was crying at every contraction, she informed me that it may take half an hour to get the anesthesiologist ..I told her to make the call.

       At 12:30 am, after an hour and a half of breathing/crying through intense contractions my savior walked into the room to give me the epideral. I am so glad Matt and I knew some breathing techniques to get us through the hard times. Getting the epideral wasn't nearly as bad as the contractions, but it is really hard to round your back when you have a big belly in the way. I held as still as possible through several contractions while the guy did his thing to my back. The right side never fully went numb so I tried laying on that side to get more medicine to it so I could rest. I was 4 cm at this point.

       At 2 am they started a light dose of pitocin, and by 4 am I was 10 cm and fully effaced. I know. My body worked pretty quickly. Abram was still pretty high {story of my pregnancy} so they had me continue to labor him down until 7 am, when the doctor came in to finish breaking my water {which had partially broken a couple hours before} and up the pitocin a little. He estimated that I would have the baby by noon. He had several patients in the hospital that day so he was trying to plan around everyone. A few minutes later I started feeling intense contractions on my right side, and then the epideral machine started to beep that it was out of medication.

You have got to be kidding me!

       Again, I am so glad I had learned the basics of breathing through contractions. Since I could feel them at almost full force again, I felt like the time was coming to push. I commend the women of the past/present that do this naturally. I once thought that I may be one of those, but after having felt both ways I will take the drugs thanks! At 7:45 I got a booster shot to help with the pain so I could start pushing. After 10 minutes of pushing, Abram Mack was here, at 8:06 am...weighing 7 lbs. 12 oz. and 20 inches long. Oh and did I mention he came about 4 hours before the doctor estimated? Our boy was ready and was the first of our doctors patients to be born that day! Over achiever...

       Afterwards the dr. worked his magic while Matt cut the cord and held Abram for the first time. I let him announce the name to everyone. We had a few other names on a list (Grey and Easton), but had liked the name Abram since I got pregnant and finally realized that it was his name no matter how much we looked around for others. We liked that it wasn't common, but not made up sounding either. It is a strong, masculine name and it doesn't end in a "t" (Matt's requirement). Mack was Matt's grandpa's nickname that his grandma always called him.

       No one could tell who he looked like...the perfect combination. When they placed him on the scale all you could see was the quad and calf muscles on his long, bow legs. His feet are long {unlike mine} and his thumb nail looks like a miniature duplicate of Matt's. He has a definite widow's peak which he gets from both momma and daddy, as well as his top lip. His ball chin is totally Matt's and his ears are more like mine. The verdict is still out on his nose and the final color his eyes will be {born with dark blue}. His coloring is much lighter than many people thought it would be...I guess my light genes are stronger than some thought.

Doodle and Abram

Bibi and Abram (I thought I had a pic of Baba on my camera, but I guess he escaped me)

Aunt Kiki and Abram {Uncle Jake "Red" had school 7 hours away so he couldn't make it}

Uncle Dave and Abram {Aunt Layla had to save lives 4 hours away so she couldn't make it that weekend}

Pops and Abram

       The first time I held him in my arms was amazing. I thought I would cry {like I always think}, and honestly if there wasn't a room full of medical people, I would have. As soon as I spoke he looked straight at me with his slightly crossed, blue eyes and mouth open like he recognized my voice and knew it was me. It is a moment I never want to forget.

Heading home

        More of Abram and our stories about raising him to come....