It is almost here...

The air gets cool and crisp,
the colors become vibrant and warm,
and the beginning of football season...
My favorite time of the year!

My absolute favorite time of the year is just a few days away! The season that I always thought I would get married in, until all of the Southern boys told me otherwise. Fall is just that time when, although you are starting homework again, you cannot help but love. Everyone seems to be in a better mood when the sweltering summer heat starts to dissipate and that cool, fresh breeze sweeps in through your open window, gently moving your curtains. Also, not to be forgotten is the greatest college sport...Football that seems to make everyone look forward to the weekend...unless you live in Houston that is.
I always get really excited and try to think of ways to bring in this wonderful season. This year I am a bit stuck, besides my usually wreath I hang on my door and my really cute boots, I cannot think of any other way to show that fall is here. How are you welcoming the season?
September 22 is the first day of fall, and just so happens to be the day I welcome Matt home after being away for two weeks. Where has he been you ask?!

Only across the world from me; unable to talk on the phone and rarely able to e-mail, being 16 hours ahead of me. It has been a hard week and a half so far. Sakhalin Island, Russia is where Matt has been working for two weeks and I think he is ready to be home. I have not talked to him much, but when I have he said it would rain off and on all day...I am interested to sit down and have a conversation with him about the cultures and customs there. Him being gone has also made me realize the lack of a support system I have in Houston thus far. In Lafayette, I never minded being alone because I knew so many people around me and stayed fairly busy with everyone. This past week I had to go get blood work done and give a local emergency number and I sat there for about 20 minutes until I just decided to put a classmates name down. It is a very weird feeling when you realize you are somewhat alone...that needs to be changed!

Gable and I have been taking care of each other at home while he has been gone. She is my little protector dog and I try to pet her as good at Matt does haha. Every time she hears a truck she waits by the door with her tail wagging, only to be disappointed. I have been trying all week to get everything done so I could ride with a friend to the LSU/ULL game in Baton Rouge. I have been missing Tiger Stadium very much since football season started and am so irritated with the lack of school spirit at UH. Unfortunately, my homework kept piling up yesterday, and I had to cancel my trip to stay home and do school work :(. I am hoping to go to a game soon, but a lot of wedding meetings are scheduled for the next few weekends, including the wedding dress I have been waiting to try on in Austin the first weekend in October. Anyone want to make a weekend of it? Hopefully Matt and I will get to go to a game... Until next to you in Fall!