It's Official!

      I officially have my Etsy shop! The name is Copper.Pixie.Designs... Mom, Dad, Matt, and Kristen helped me pick it out, but the name itself is from Kristen and I's Rock Band name from a couple Christmases ago. I finally had time to get my first two paintings online. My third is about 50 percent done, but will be for my best friend's babies room. I just need to add color details to the tree and paisleys and clean it up, that is if I decide to keep the background dark brown rather than green. I also have a fourth about to be started which should be the most fun to do...starting to show my eclectic side. So excited, so hopefully everything goes well!

Check it out:

        In other news, Matt and I celebrated our Valentines Day after we got back from our couples shower. My favorite flower is the tulip...and no they will not even appear in my wedding because they are apparently out of season. I think that they are quickly becoming Matt's favorite too...every time he gets them for me he checks them every night to see how they have changed. They have the most character of any flower I have seen...starting out beautiful and demur, then stretching out towards the sun (in whatever direction) and opening up as wide as possible. I don't have any pics of them all the way open like they are today, but here are a couple of pics of what he gave me for Valentines day. He gave me them planted so that I could try to grow them. However, after reading articles it may be very tough since we don't have cold winters. (People in Oklahoma should do it!)

    We went to dinner at Kona Grill and then he gave me a giftcard for an hour massage at a local spa...SO PUMPED! It was a nice night. We were also able to book our engagement pictures with our photographer for April 9th so we are trying to find cute outfits now haha.

My Valentine