It's a Traveler's Life for Me...

       Monday night, as we were brushing our teeth, Matt moaned and made the comment about how he feels like we are living like travelers...always on the go. For him to say this must mean we need to slow down. I am usually the one who wants to take it easy, while he always wants to do stuff...or he will get bored and fall asleep (unlike our son). Luckily, we will be home for at least a couple weekends.

       So what have we been up to!? Well, for Easter we traveled to Matt's parents...the day after the ER visit...with Abram still sick and REALLY not sleeping. We gave him and Bijou their baskets before we left. 

We got Bijou some Fugly Friends (They are so cute!) and some treats in her eggs. 

 Abram got a train toy, teething stuff, solid food gear, hats for summer, a football, and I handed down my first Bible (which was a Christmas present from my mom)

 He was actually excited about his Easter basket!

       Matt's dad was throwing a Persian New Year Party on Easter, so we celebrated Easter at church that morning and then changed into our New Year picnic party gear. Unfortunately, Abram felt bad and it rained so we were only at the picnic a couple hours. The next day he was feeling good enough to take a stroll on the farm This is the farm Matt grew up on, and the farmhouse his grandad was born in...lots of history here!

Our first Easter together 

Three generations 

       We got back home the following Monday evening and left on Friday morning to head to Dallas, to meet my family for the Color was a blast!

Too cool to run...or maybe too scared!

      Abram had not slept all week, so I was exhausted! Matt took all the night shifts that weekend. We met my mom's side of the family to do the run we had been planning since Thanksgiving. A fairly new addition to our plan was my uncle's name on our arms, along with Psalm 118:17. He is currently fighting cancer, so our run was for him. Just in case you don't know the verse, Psalm 118:17, "I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord." We are praying for God to heal Troy, and I would very much appreciate your prayers for the same. :)

       Anyway, all of the younger ones were babysat by my grandparents while we ran. In a couple of years I am sure they will have a blast together. Nothing is more important than your health and family! Oh and by the way, Abram is now sleeping around 5-6 hours this week. Praise God!