A Lafayette Mardi Gras Celebration

Well it has been awhile since I have been on here. I have been totally consumed with school work. I did get a break the weekend before Mardi Gras and went to Lafayette to catch a few parades.

Although many of my friends were in NOLA, my family was there and we had a great time! We went to a parade Friday night and then went out (where Kristen got in a fight with a girl haha). The next day Kristen, Jake, and I went to the Youngsville Parade (a small town, fun parade) and later that night we went with some friends to the Bonaparte Parade which my mom and Linda were in. It was cold, but a lot of fun. There was music, dancing, a bar, and a HUGE pot of gumbo to keep us warm. When it came to my mom's float, they were nowhere in sight. We quickly realized that they were on the other side so Kristen and Lauren's sister (Lindsey) jumped the barriers and ran in between floats while Lauren and I (too scared to do it) watched...very us! After finally getting showered with beads...we noticed a cop quickly approaching and started yelling to warn them, but we were to late. He pushed them and told them to get back. Linsdey ran jollilly with an arm full of beads and a smile on her face and hurdled the barrier...only to fall on her face for all to see! Kristen (still being pushed by the cop) saw and was falling down with her beads and laughing...they both ended up getting back safely and it makes for a good laugh.

Sunday we had a crawfish boil for 20 at Matt's house and spent the day eating, drinking, shooting skeet, relaxing, and riding four wheelers. It was a good trip in the end...and I was not thrilled to go back to school when everyone had off for Mardi Gras... I threw a Mardi Gras at school complete with King Cake and beads.