Land of the Free | Outfit to Room

July is always a crazy month around here with the 4th, my birthday, and Matt' add some serious nesting into the mix and we all might as well just run around the house screaming and gets crazy!

"Pixie's" nursery is about 85% complete as far as work goes. I'm waiting on some back-ordered curtains to come in before I continue with the artwork and finishing touches {gotta make sure I like it all together}.

I have also been really into fresh, beachy, gender neutral nurseries lately. Maybe it's because of summer or that I am inspired by the upcoming holiday. I decided to put an inspiration board together to show how inspiration can come from anywhere.

If you've read anything about Abram's nursery and my design style you will know that I'm not into themed nurseries/rooms. I actually do use some sort of theme most of the time, but only to guide my ideas into something more. This board is a great example. I was inspired by the outfits, the 4th, the beach and thoughts of summer; I love that it is not in-your-face red, white and blue.

The chandelier is my "firework" and the mixture of glam, gold accents with natural elements is a great way to achieve a balanced, neutral look without being too mundane. Enjoy.

Have a Happy Fourth!!!