Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Although I have always lived in the South, when I think of Christmas I think of snow falling, a fire going, and a beautiful Christmas tree. So imagine my joy when, the morning after we got done decorating our Christmas tree, we woke up to snow falling in Houston!

Thursday night we had some friends over for dinner and had bought our live Christmas tree from the plant place before they came. While the guys cooked the deer Matt killed, the girls were able to decorate the Christmas tree to Christmas music. We love our tree this year! I also made two wreaths (I am trying to learn to make them as good as my mom). Matt is intending on putting lights up outside still, but we seem to have misplaced the ones we bought on sale last year.

Friday was a perfect day because Matt was off of work and my classes were canceled so when the snowfall increased we were able to go play outside like little kids. It snowed from 9am until about 4 pm when we started loading the truck to head to Lafayette for our Engagement Party (future blog soon). Although the outside lights are not up yet, it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...