Let's Take it Back to Mardi Gras Weekend

A weekend so refreshing I would like to do it all over again...

Who says pregnant girls can't have fun at Mardi Gras!? When the woman on our float found out I was pregnant she was shocked. I had been dancing to every song {we are a dancing family}, so she was sure that this baby was gonna come out ready to party and having a good time :). I reassured her that as soon as a song comes on Abram starts to shake or drop it like it's hot!

Our friends invited us to be on their float for a parade, in Baton Rouge, and it had been so long that there was no way we were turning it down. The theme was Flamingo Dynasty {flamingos are always a part of the theme}, so we rocked the camo and pink...and a couple beards. Our friend buys pool floats on sale at the end of the summer to throw...GENIUS...I have never seen this done and they get the crowds going wild!

 Our parents split watching Abram back in our hometown, and my parents took him to the children's parade where he racked up the goodies. They were throwing balls like crazy and that happens to be his FAVORITE.THING.EVER and the only word he says, on repeat.

The weather was perfect and we got crawfish after the parade for the first time all season. It felt good to be back in Louisiana; we cannot wait to show our kids the rich traditions and culture of our home state!