Locale: Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

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Happy Friday everyone! It has been a long week for me, so TGIF!
We had our pre-Friday celebration/date night on Wednesday...and then we are celebrating AGAIN tonight at a friend's wedding. Whoa, watch out these parents are living now!
Our date was to the rodeo...it's that time of year again in Houston. The time everyone digs their cowboy boots out of their closet so they can pretend to live in a "country" part of Texas for a few nights {guilty}. One of the redeeming qualities to me about Houston is the rodeo. It comes right after Mardi Gras so I don't have to stop the fun so suddenly haha. I also admire how much the locals get into rodeo season. People with country roots reflect back on the "good ole days" while newcomers to Houston, and there are lots of us, take in the spectacle of it all. My parents were raised around farms and rodeos so part of me feels like I'm am getting in touch with my roots just a little by being there. I'm excited to show Abram the ropes {literally} one day. We brought him last year when he slept through it all, but this year Matt and I wanted to enjoy the rodeo and Florida Georgia Line concert after so we let him hang with my mom for the evening.
I came home and kicked the work flats off my pregnant, swollen feet and booted up
It is not your typical small town rodeo since it takes place at Reliant Stadium, but it is as good as we can get. Apparently the livestock show part of it is during the day. I knew nothing about this until this year; shameful after living here for five years. The actual rodeo is every night and contains all the usual events: barrel racing, bull riding, wagon races, and our favorite...muttin bustin' {to name a few}. Then a huge circular, spinning stage that still has me admiring the design of it rolls out for the concert portion. They have a two-week lineup of some pretty great artists. I love country music so I try to go to at least one of them a year. This year we chose Florida Georgia Line. They are a newer group, but I'm obsessed with their song, "Cruise" right now. It was like one big party since they are kind of a mix of country and rap/rockish. I lived vicariously through the college girls in the seats in front of us. ;) 
Florida Georgia Line asked everyone to light up their phones while they sang "Shine On"...imagine 74,000 people's iPhones lights in a dark arena...awesome!

It was a great date night, and we stayed out way too late for a weeknight. Hello coffee!! If you haven't checked out the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo it is definitely worth a visit. This weekend is the end of it for this year, but it usually happens every March. Have a great weekend!

xo, Nikki