Lots of Celebrating

Late as always, but we have been doing a lot of celebrating lately.

First there was Mardi Gras...we couldn't go with my parent's to New Orleans that Tuesday because Matt had to work (stupid Texas not letting people off ;) ) so we hung out in Lafayette the weekend before.

The Mardi Gras wreaths I made for x-mas gifts...thanks for the help Deb!

We got there Friday night and drove straight to the fair which was where we were watching the parade with friends. We had just enough time to get a drink and get me a chicken on a stick...gotta love anything on a stick...before it started to rain. Being the parade novices that we are, with bags of beads at home, we watched the parade from under a tent and let the kids get wet for beads. We did, however challenge ourselves to get one bead each...mission accomplished! The run to the cars got us wet anyway.

Everyone had already started to run from the fair to the car, but we were taking a moment to pout

The next day it seemed like the rain would never end, but it did let up a little for us to enjoy some of the best crawfish we have ever had at Cajun Claws, in Abbeville, with some of our favorite people. They were all consistently large and cooked perfectly...5 pounds for me please.

One big happy family...
My sissy, Lauren and her man-toy, Lance ;)...love them!
We missed Kristen, but were still able to shake it a little

Before I left I was finally able to stop by Logan's and get my Gable painting...and a surprise Lucky painting. They are even better in person...thanks Logan! She recently decided to donate some paintings to auctions raising money for non-profit groups; I know she will do well. Check out all of her amazing cow, animal, and house paintings on her etsy site: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LoganBerard...I'll let you figure out which one is which...

The best part about living in Houston is that it is close enough to Louisiana for their celebrations, but as soon as the Mardi Gras fun ends the Houston Rodeo begins. Last year, I didn't get to go to anything because of school. This year we were invited to the barbecue cook-off last weekend, the Alabama concert on Tuesday, and are going to Blake Shelton with my parents next week. I am so pumped...of course just seeing the rodeo action before the concert is fun...I love the wagon races and the muttin-bustin which consists of sheep with a padded-up kid stuck on it's back and we see how long they can stay on...they usually just roll off. Matt looked at me on Tuesday and said exactly what I was thinking, "Our kid WILL do this one day!" It is just too funny to pass up.

Alabama concert

The barbecue cook-off tent we were invited to was started by a group of high school friends who had the help of their dads in the beginning and have kept it going ever since. We so need to do something like that! They had three cooking set-ups with brisket, chicken, pickles, onions, etc....the reason I like Texas barbecue the most is because it comes with pickles and onions (my two favorites foods). They had a large tent with chandeliers, a band, and cow print covered tables.

The band...this man with his suspenders and small guitar (in comparison) in front of the buffalo head cracked me up!

I am hoping to have more exciting posts in the near future... definitely some d.i.y stuff soon!