Louisiana Tailgating

This past weekend Matt and I headed down to Louisiana. It had been about a month and a half since I had been to Lafayette, and I hadn't been to Baton Rouge since I moved away. I didn't stay long in Laffy...dropped off Matt to fish and ate some boudin, then hit the road to Baton Rouge.

My goal of the trip was to visit my people from Baton Rouge since I had been promising them I would. I stopped first at my old job and only got to see two of my co-workers (oh well...guess I will have to make another trip soon).  I found out that right after I left they landed two movie studios for the producers of Mr. Brooks in New Orleans...dang it! They have already grown so much since I left and as soon as I walked into the office I instantly missed it so much. It is so easy to be comfortable there because everyone is so nice and fun.

I then drove to LSU and walked my usual route past the stadium to visit my old studio buddies. I miss them too! Things have changed in studio a lot since last semester...and some things havent.

I ran some errands and waited for a friend to pick me up on her way in from Alabama, and we drove to Lafayette...yes lafayette again! We met the girls my other two best friends for a 24th b-day and caught up on everything for hours.

Saturday morning started in Baton Rouge (yes Baton Rouge again). We walked to the Am Mart (some of the best sandwiches you will ever get your hands on...and my Baton Rouge past time), then to our tailgate spot for the day. Tailgating sure has changed since last year because many of our friends have graduated...but was still fun! 

It was your usual Baton Rouge tailgate in the cold weather. You walk up to the purple and gold tents with the flags flying and hear the competition of music from your tailgate and the one next to you. Instantly you see the huge pot of Jambalaya cooking that you will be able to eat shortly and then the smell of Gumbo mixes in from the tailgaters to your right. There is a tv with chairs for people to watch other games, a keg for you to start off your morning, beer bong and/or flip cup going on, and a game of washers.

As the tailgate spot gets more and more crowded you and your buddies decide to take a walk around campus to visit others and have your first of many trips to the port-a-potty. You hear music and people already drunk on the microphones and see the kids sliding down the Indian Mounds with boxes.

Matt and I in Tiger Stadium

The band marches down the road on their way to the stadium as they always do and everyone gathers on the streets and cheers...much like a Mardi Gras parade, but with out the beads.Then the buses drive by..and people get rowdy. An Ole Miss fan in red walks by and gets Tiger Baited (only to find out it is us that would lose).

We get into the student section of Death Valley and the band starts their LSU fight song that still gives me chills. The football players run in with the fireworks and flags, and the announcer says the weather with the chance of rain...NEVER! What a bad game...but it was still fun to do all the dances and chants that we always do.

Even after the game we tailgate...drowning our sorrows in fun and friends... just cannot get that in Houston. Cannot wait to go back next season!