In case you are wondering why I write these blogs; it is not only to keep my family and friends up-to-date on my life, but also to help me explore my creativity in other ways...it helps me in studio I think. I am taking a creative writing class about architecture this semester and they encourage us to blog, so be expecting more to come because I am not slowing down.

Just to make sure no one is wondering if I am still wallowing in self-pity after my last blog post, I decided to write this blog to perk up the mood a bit.

 Picture taken from www.weddingchicks.com

This one is for LOVE. It doesn't matter if it is the love of your family, the love of your friends, the love of that special someone...even if it is just that you love what you do. Take time to appreciate the love around you. As cheesy as it is..."Love is all you need". I feel so lucky to be loved by so many and to have so many whom I love...even if I don't always love what I do. I also just really like the style in this pic! ;)