Lucky's Story

A month late...after posting it on Gable's facebook page. It has been a crazy month...more updates to come
Meet Lucky, he has got a lot to smile about these days. We have had him for about a month-and-a-half and have fallen for his loving, cheerful personality. Everyone at the dog park asks about him, and I always have to start out his VERY LUCKY story with the story of our other dog, Gable. It took me a while to figure out why I always had to tell about her first (besides the fact that I am still searching for her and miss her very much); then I realized it was because if it wasn't for her running from our friend, he would not be alive today.

who could resist that pudding face smile...besides his previous owners apparently
The story of Gable getting lost about two months ago (07/09/2011) is in another post, so I won't bombard Lucky's story with how much she has meant to me...although I will say that Gable has made me a better person, and I could not have imagined my life without her. It was while searching for my soulmate-dog, Gable, that I found Lucky. I went to all five shelters in Houston every two days for a about 4-5 weeks before resorting to searching online. As I walked into the county shelter, I saw something that was not an unfamiliar sight that month. I saw a fairly young looking dog laying down on the concrete in the parking lot, while his owners tried to drag him to the door of the shelter. I signed in to search for Gable and sat on a bench, and heard the couple tell the shelter staff that they were the owners and were bringing in their lab/pit mix. After several visits and questions, I knew this shelter would kill that dog without a thought about his personality, age, health, or anything really...simply because he was a "bully breed". They sat next to me and he walked up to me, put his head in my lap, and licked my hands. I found out he was eight months old and that they had owned him since six weeks old. They also told me he was very sweet, but they are afraid they would get sued if something were to happen. I warned them of the shelter's policies, and they replied, "I don't want to think about it". I told them they needed to and that they could bring him to BARC or CAPS who would at least make an attempt to adopt him out, and they brushed it off saying, "we wish we would have known sooner, do you want him?" I knew Matt would not be happy so I called him and he said it was up to me.

As I walked the kennels searching for Gable, I could not decide if I should take him or not...then I realized there is no question what the right thing to do was. The shelter staff knew me at this point, and let the owners take him outside to let me have him. As they pushed him into my car, they told me his name...Lucky. Matt and I agreed that it was very fitting considering I took him off of his death bed. When getting his vet records and bringing him to the vet, besides fleas, he is perfectly healthy and has now been neutered. I later talked to his previous owner, who told me he just got too big to keep...although she is older, I find that to be a poor reason to have him killed. She stills calls to check on him and tell me how much she misses him, but I cannot help but think how she would feel if she could not call to hear how he is living the life of luxury! ;)
He is lucky, we have fallen in love with him and his loving personality (minus the new dog disciplining)...of course, I have acquired another dog with separation anxiety, but I am hoping that it will just take time. He already knows several commands (come, kennel, kisses, sit, shake, down, off) and is popular at the dog park. He acts a lot like a lab...we play fetch with him almost every day (not good at brining and giving). He loves to play with other dogs and run with us. He is also a cuddler when he gets tired, and although he is 20 pounds bigger than Gable; he considers himself to be quite the lap dog. Matt wants to teach him to fetch in water like his lab did, and we are looking forward to seeing him adjust even more to our home. He has the biggest, most defined smile that reminds us of the pudding face commercial. He is striped just like Gable and strides like a tiger when he walks....he just might become our at home "mascot" for the LSU Tigers! None of this would have happened without Gable's we just want her home to meet her brother that she saved and complete the family...a piece of us is missing without her. They are both amazing dogs, and we will never give up looking for Gable!