A Mardi Gras Shower with a Couple of Friends and Family

We had our couple's shower last Saturday...exactly one week ago. It was on Matts family's farm in the dairy where his grandpa used to milk cows. Oh the memories this dairy holds...

The setup

Erika, Leslie, and Leigh Ann took charge in planning this shower for us from the very beginning. Layla, David, and Matt's parents stepped in to help with a place to have it and to make ALL of the food. And there was a lot of food! From fruit, to cheese, to dips, to gumbo, to king cakes...it looked like a greecian feast.


All of the wedding party that attended brought a little something to help in the preparation. Kristen brought the coronas, Jake-the water, Logan-more beer, Ashtyn- the daquiris, Derrick-the ping pong balls, Omeed- the sprite and coke, Danielle- more beer..etc...we had a lot of beer haha We are so grateful to have such FANTASTIC friends and family! It had been raining the entire week before, but cleared up for our special day (hopefully we are as lucky for our ceremony in June).

It passed by so fast, but it was so nice to see everyone. I had met many of the persian guests at other parties, but some I didn't remember their names. I am also not sure they even knew who I was haha. One passed me up when walking in, then later walked to my mom and told her congrats (thinking she was the bride)...many women later asked me if she was my sister. I commented "no", and told them her age haha. Kristen was her typical awesome maid-of-honor self...cutting the limes and showing up with a printed list of names to write the gifts down. Leslie was not herself (sorry it has to be said)...she is typically the punctual one who is always early and has everything planned out. That day she wasn't feeling good because of a Mardi Gras ball the night before. I loved it...everyone has their time when they need to be a little off...that is why we are friends haha. Erika and Leigh Ann got to the shower early to decorate everything...I appreciated that, especially since Leigh Ann is now larger than normal. ;)

The warm gumbo helped out with the cool weather which seemed to get cooler as each gift was opened. Everyone sat patiently and watched Matt and I open our many great gifts...we are so excited about them. One of our favorites was the set of crawfish boiling supplies Matt's aunt gave us since we couldn't register for them.  It was just a great day with great people...if it is any preminition of what is to come for our wedding day...I CAN'T WAIT!

Later that day, the party continued at Erika's in-laws RV they set up on the parade route. It was Matt and I's shower continued complete with left-overs and sandwiches. It was the only parade that Matt and I got to go to this year so we enjoyed it.

The next day before we left, I was able to go to Linda's and try my dress, shoes, and veil on for my family to see. I was nervous to show them and hoped they liked it...my dad came up with a new song for me to walk down the aisle to. We brought Jake to the airport in Houston so he could fly home for school. When telling him goodbye, I thanked him for going through so much trouble to come down for our shower. He said, "Why wouldn't I, you are my sister!?" He is getting so grown-up...I love my family!