Marriage Prep

   Today, Matt and I attended our marriage prep class. Recommended by Erika, we decided that we should have a class before marriage to make sure we are on the same page about different issues and to learn some ways of creating a healthier marriage right from the start.
 Picture Painted by Kelli Murray:
After I saw her cool, California wedding on a blog, I discovered her paintings and am now obsessed with her work. She and Erin have inspired me to get going with my paintings so that hopefully soon I can get my etsy site started. Still trying to find my own style, but enjoying the painting I have been doing. 
   I found this free, eight hour course through our ceremony pastor after asking him about what is offered in Texas. Apparently Texas is trying to decrease divorce rates so they offer these courses throughout the year for free with a free lunch and give you a certificate for $60 off of your marriage license. 
   It being on a Saturday, we were not exactly thrilled to be sitting in the Pearland Public Library (I hate libraries) for eight hours. We got there just in time at 10 am and started filling out all of the forms as to what we wanted in a marriage, children, finances, etc. (Matt and I still haven't compared our forms). The conference room filled up with about 20 couples quickly and the discussion began. One of the first topics covered was extroverted and introverted personalities. I have never been sure what I am and Matt had never thought about it, although I knew he was extroverted. After filling out the questions, it was determined that Matt had 11 extrovert and 3 introvert answers, and I had 5 extrovert and 9 introvert answers...yes, apparently I am introverted. We analyzed it together and verified that this was true for each of us in public, however, in our personal relationships we are both COMPLETELY opposite. We were the only couple like that haha. We had to split into extroverted and introverted groups where I was put with a bunch of VERY quiet folks. One couple was Mexican and never said a word, but the guy kept staring at me creepily...and another was a pair of slightly over-weight people with glasses. After being asked how we prefer to communicate, they proceded to tell me how their family must e-mail them and understand if they don't respond. haha...Matt and I learned a lot about ourselves...
  After lunch, which was cheesy pizza (not happy about that), we also talked about healthy ways to have discussions about key issues with out arguing which really seemed to work. They constantly remind you that your spouse needs to hear that you appreciate them throughout your relationship...we are hoping some of the things we learned will stay with us. We also learned to ask the other about their day and heard from some very out-there characters about their problems. We felt much closer when leaving this class, but are glad the eight hours in the cold room are over with. When asked at the end what would make this class better, I replied, "a warmer room and healthier snacks (fruit)"...haha yes I am now one of THOSE people. I realized after that class that I am so lucky to have a fiance like Matt and I am glad we communicate so well. Now, off to check this off of my wedding to-do list!