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       It is my firm belief that a home is always evolving, much like life, change is the only constant. It can take months to years to develop a room if you're on a budget. Our home was our first out of college; actually I was in my master's program for 3 of the 6 years we have been here. We started out with very little money, very little time, and lots of hand-me-down furniture. We were so grateful for the furniture our families gifted us, but started to infuse our personalities and sense of style little by little.

       Our master bedroom was the first room we painted when we moved in {can't find a pic of the before right now}. Honestly, if I could paint all my rooms every year I probably would, but Matt HATES to do it. Over time I have been trying to make our bedroom look put-together on a small budget since it is not seen by others often.  Right before I had Abram I did a refresh and then again before I had Julip. I still loved the golden color, but needed something to brighten up the room and add some interest to the "focal" wall.

              Some of the biggest challenges were creating a cohesive look with a mixture of pieces obtained at various times, and combining the masculine and feminine touches so that my husband feels like it is his room too. The picture above the bed is actually a Persian rug of the Iranian army from the past. Matt bought it on one of his trips to visit family in Iran before we ever lived together. For a while it resided in his "man room", but got kicked out when it had to become more of a play room.  Matt was a good sport and said it could go in storage, but I thought it would be nice to have something more grande over our bed. He was thrilled! It helps to balance out the floral elements and now I think of them as our personal army watching over us while we sleep. ;)

       All of our furniture and finishes have to stand up to kids and dogs. The bedding was something that was a real challenge for us since our 65 lb. hound dog sleeps with us. She has black hair than can show easily on white bedding, and anything too delicate gets beat up pretty quick. I know I know...we need to stop the bad habit, but we are softies. We found the turquoise quilt at Target and it was perfect! It can add a pop of color to the room, or be flipped to the other side for a fresh, textured white. I got the bench at Garden Ridge, in high school, when it had zebra fabric. I covered it with this faux leather my Senior year, and have been wanting to cover it again. Until I get the time, I settled with throwing this fur rug from Marshall's on top.

       The dresser was a craigslist find. I actually got it over another woman because the seller was so aggravated that the other woman kept shoving it in her face that she was a designer...shhh don't tell. I ended up telling her my secret when I picked it up and we had a good laugh. I got the bedside tables from Homegoods and they were two different colors. I painted them and changed out the knobs with some found at Hobby Lobby. The lamps and basket are also from Homegoods {a long time ago}, and the mirror is from Ikea.

       The white framed pictures are of our parents and grandparents wedding days. They were all framed for our wedding and were then put on our wall, along with my "key to my heart" graphic.

Still on the wish list:
- Another piece of bedding to layer with the quilt
- A possible rug to add some texture
- A different fan that adds some style
- Cover the bench
- Possibly cover the headboard
- Rearrange/add art to the dresser

 xo, Nikki