Maternity Session for Baby #2

Around 32 weeks we finally got around to taking maternity photos. These have a much different feel than the photos we took in the country last time. I'm not sure which I like better, but let me just say I am so over taking maternity photos in the heat of the summer! The next baby will be a winter baby! 

Last pregnancy we gave ourselves 3 chances to get some good shots since we do them ourselves. This time was a one-and-done situation. We brought my mom to help us with the little man, and to take a few pics of us together. Abram was D-O-N-E after about 5 minutes so the majority of the time my mom chased him around while Matt took pics of me and "Pixie". We had so many cute family, couple, and mommy and two kids photos planned that we didn't get to do, but I am just happy I was able to capture the pregnancy with my beautiful girl!

 Trains kept passing which freaked me out, but Abram loved it

Making the best of a difficult toddler

I swear I blinked and went from seeing two lines to sitting here typing this post. Although I am getting SOOO uncomfortable that I am beyond ready to feel myself again; I am trying to take in what is left of this pregnancy. It really is such an incredible journey and before we know it she will be in our arms and growing up entirely too fast.