Matt's 30th | Summer Fun

Matt turned 30 this weekend. I had all of these grand plans on how to celebrate, but work and nesting has been running our lives lately. Then, I got put on modified bed rest Friday...I basically can't drive because of the dizzy spells I keep getting that come out of no where. Chalk it up to pregnancy anemia not being cured by iron supplements because of my Celiac disease; bummer. I'm hoping we can get a handle on it now that we know the cause...and maybe I won't be so tired.

Checking out Matt's birthday flock
Needless to say, poor Matt may get a second "30th celebration" next year. We did manage to spend a few hours at the pool and then met friends at one of his favorite restaurants for dinner.  After dinner the city center was playing "Hook" in the park area so we hung out and let the kids run around. It wasn't a giant, extravagant celebration, but it was nice way to celebrate 30 with good friends/family. 
Sunday, we were back at the house projects. We are getting so close to the finish line I can see the light! I can't wait to share everything with you!
We have also been really into doing at least one fun thing {on top of projects} every weekend. That has meant lots of water fun, snow cones, ice cream, and parks. Abram is at a really fun age and I just want to take all of him in, while it is just him. Now that I'm home I am still bringing him to daycare at least until I get all the home preparations/cleaning finished. I let him sleep in and then we have a long breakfast...just the two of us playing eating. I'm really hoping I can get everything done at least a week early so we can just hang out and do whatever we want. As a working mom, extra time with your little one is something you dream of so I want to take advantage. Have a great week!