A Mix and A-Mingle

Our engagement party was a beautiful party that pasted by so quickly. I barely got any pictures and am still waiting on some from people. I decided to post this without all of the pictures, and will just have to post more later.
I am convinced that my mom's best friend has the perfect house for hosting parties, of course I might just think that because they seem to be the go-to family to host my Lafayette parties ever since my parents moved away. Regardless, we always seem to have a blast and everything runs smoothly. That is mostly attributed to the intense preparation that they do just for me. I could not be more blessed to have such a wonderful "family" (because they are practically my family).
We had a nice turn-out of guest which pleasantly surprised me considering we sent out the invitations a mere 2.5 weeks before the party. That could not have been done without the help of my aunt, Susie, and her beautifully designed invitations at moderninvitationdesign.com. She is currently working on our wedding invitations that are gonna knock your socks off, so get ready! ;)
Most of my bridesmaids were at the party so it was nice to finally get most of them together and chat. Many of Matt's groomsmen could not make it for one reason or another, but he did have my brother and his brother, as well as, his good friend. We are hoping the guys can make it to the next event.

My dad's parents surprised us by driving in from Oklahoma that day. I was pretty shocked because I had just seen them a week before and they never even mentioned the party. I feel so lucky to be able to have them at these events. Just one year ago, my grandad was diagnosed with bone cancer which was followed by a series of heart attacks the next day, sending him to the ICU. He made it through that night, but stayed in a couple different hospitals for 2 months with pneumonia, and then had to relearn to walk for a month or two at my parent's house. Not only does he not have cancer, but he drove 12.5 hours straight to see me for our party! God works miracles everyday!
My dad had joked before the party about wanting to go hunting during it (I'm sure he was only half joking), so when he whipped out his speech that had been written out we were all very touched. Before the first sentence ended, my mom had tears in her eyes. I was trying to find someone who wasn't tearing up to look at so I wouldn't, but it was hard to find. Not only did he say some very nice things about me, but he also complimented Matt (I think more than me;) ). I am so lucky that my parent's and other family members not only love Matt so much, but also really enjoy his company and doing things with him. The party passed by too quickly, and made us realize that we really need to take it all in.
After the party Erika, Leslie, Leigh Ann, and I got together at Leslie's house for our annual Silver Belles Christmas Party. This year, instead of getting each other gifts, we adopted a family. Erika and Leslie had bought the gifts before we arrived so that we could all sit by the tree and wrap the gifts together while we talked and drank hot cocoa. I really hope that those gifts help to make the family's Christmas a great one.
From the weekend of my engagement party until last Wednesday, I have been sitting in front of a computer. I didn't leave the house, and rarely slept. It was very exhausting and I didn't finish everything for my final review. I have NEVER not finished...in my 6.5 years of doing this. I was and still am disappointed in my work for this past semester, but am taking it as a learning experience and trying to move one. I am definitely going to enjoy my Christmas break!