Mommy & Me Monday

       Since I have had Abram, I have started taking thousands of pictures of him by himself, some of him with Matt, and well...none of me with him! He is the cutest little thing in the world, but I figured he would like a few pics of us together. I am linking up with some other ladies for Mommy & Me Monday to force myself to step back in front of the camera like I always was during pregnancy.

       It is a good thing this weekend was full of adventure so I had to get out of my pjs and work out clothes. We went back to Louisiana for Matt's best friend's wedding. Abram didn't join us for the actual wedding, but did come to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner; sporting his Tux onesie he got for Christmas from Uncle Dave. He was a hit!

Suit up!

He looks like he is dancing... 

The night we got home I made Matt take of my favorite things is when he falls asleep on my shoulder