Mommy & Me Monday...and some favorites

       Abram and I played catch up from the last few weeks today. With the time change and traveling, he is a little off schedule...blah! Not that he is a great sleeper anyway, but I HATE when he takes 20 minute naps!

Here are some of the adventures we've been on recently, in pics:

3rd crawfish boil of the month 
Junior League Ball
Doodle's visit

Rodeo with my family 

 Mommy and baby recovery Monday

He loves his sister

And since I get very little beauty sleep, some of my favorite things for looking and feeling refreshed  ;).

When I have time to take a bath, this stuff smells so nice and relaxes me so that I can sleep well {even for 2 hours}. It also makes my skin feel very soft.
I just recently discovered this to put on before bed. It helps reduce the dark circles and puffiness from lack of sleep. It also helps with lines around the eyes so I guess it can work for several issues. The best part is that a little goes a long way so it will last a while.
I have been using this for years! I am addicted to chapstick so I HAVE to put it on every night and throughout the day. The pomegranate oil helps my lips feel extra moisturized. Matt knows that my form of torture would be no chapstick so we have this stashed multiple places thoughout the house and cars.
Another recent discovery. I have used a lot of exfoliators and I have also had troubled skin since my teens. This product makes me skin appear smoother than ever before {I have received compliments on my skin for the first time in my life} and smells like fresh lemons. The days that I use this my skin feels so silky soft that I just cannot stop touching it...people that see me probably think I have some kind of ocd touching issue.
I discovered this through another blog recently. I haven't used a powder blush in years because I hate the powdery look, but a lot of the gels don't seem to show up. I put 3 strokes of this on each cheek and blend and I look sun kissed. I love the glow it gives me...I haven't seen the sun in 4 months ;).
6) Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo

I am a big fan of dry shampoo since the little man doesn't allow me to wash my hair all the time. I have also been training my hair to not need to be washed as frequently with this. It gives it body and soaks up the oil...and my hair is much healthier as a result.

7)  Makeup Forever Uplight Gel {#11}

Another discovery through a blog. I put this just above my cheek bones, on my eyelids, and under my eyes...and wherever I feel needs it. It just gives you a dewy you have had a full nights rest.