Mother's Day Weekend

Our Mother's Day weekend was a busy one. I think I prefer to be busy deep inside. Part of me gets so stressed, but the other part of me hates sitting around feeling bored so I create work for myself.

Friday, I was a vendor at a fundraiser for our local firemen to go to a competition in Ireland. Before I could attend that event, I had to get the decor ready for our friend's baby shower that took place, on Saturday. Of course there were kinks that I forgot to work out ahead of time, so Saturday we were running around like crazy. Procrastination is not at easy with a baby, but I happen to have one of the best husbands in the world. He ran around to multiple stores to find the white flowers I requested, which apparently were a hot commodity the day before Mother's Day.

Finally my decorating was finished and looked great! I forgot to take pics myself, so I had to rely on others...typical. It was a nautical theme so I had a great time making things, and dressing a little beachy too.

Sunday, I woke up to two smiling boys holding a card. Nothing is better than my baby's smile with those 4 teeth. He looks like a little rabbit! "Abram" had written the best little message for me and got me a paint! Look out, I just may walk around spraying things with paint now that I can! We went to church afterwards and Abram got to show his scooting moves for the pretty 9 month old in the cry room with us.Then we did brunch at one of our favorite cafes, and headed to the nearby board walk. It was Abram's first time to be that close to boats and the ocean. We are so excited to bring him to the beach next week!

How was your mother's day?