Mother's Day Weekend/ Daily Life Pics & 18 Month Update

I celebrated my second official Mother's Day yesterday, and it was every bit as wonderful as I thought it would be. Matt went hunting with some of my family from Thursday to Sunday morning, so it was just me and my littlest man in my life. For some reason he was up at the crack of dawn on Saturday so we laid in his new big boy bed for about an hour before starting our day {well he poked me in the face while I tried to sleep a little longer}. We got to eat breakfast just the two of us, play/clean, and Abram watched "Up" all the way through for the first time! He wanted to sit on my lap while he ate and watched the movie, so I put my phone and chore list in another room and soaked him up. I needed that moment; it was my favorite Mother's Day gift.

Mother's day breakfast at the kid's table...still half asleep

 Then things got a little crazy and when I couldn't take being out of breath anymore from leaning over, at almost 26 weeks pregnant, my mom came to save the day. We ran some errands, I finally took the plunge and shopped at a maternity store {my first time}, and then we took Abram for his first fro yo to celebrate my new, lose fitting clothes ;).

 Sunday I got to just relax a little and go for a family walk. Matt Abram came through in the gift department more than I had anticipated, and got me both the Kendra Scott earrings AND Kelli Murray art I had been eyeing for a couple months. We have tons of art in our house, but so much of it was bought to fill space...I have been weeding things out and starting to collect art that I LOVE and that means something to me. This piece represents the new me, as a mother, and I am so excited that I can stare at the beauty every day and be reminding of the real joys in life. 

Later we went to my parent's house to have a Mother's Day lunch and then my mom, sis and  I met some of my friends for a mani/pedi session. Needless to say I did NOT want to have to stop the fun and go back to work.

 Time is passing by so fast...

Speaking of time flying; Abram turned 18 months last week! I look at his one year pics and cannot believe how much he has changed in 6 months. He went from just taking his first steps to running and talking. He is a full-fledged toddler these days and with that comes a lot of fun, hilarious times, but also a lot of exhausting moments.

Health: He was sick throughout most of the winter, and is now on Zyrtec every day. Sometimes we have to use an inhaler to stop his is crazy that getting his adenoids out didn't really help. The past few weeks {knock on wood} with the warmer weather has seemed to help us manage it better.

Abram sleeps great {most nights} and moved to his big boy bed last week. The kid turns 360's while he is asleep so I think moving to his full-size bed has just given him more room to not get tangled. I'll be doing a separate post on the transition.

What he will eat still changes daily, but we are managing. Grapes, watermelon, and yogurt of some of his favorites. 

Abram loves running, jumping, pretend falling, standing on chairs/etc, drawing with his water/juice, coloring, eating with a spoon, doing everything himself, dancing to music, baths, climbing the stairs, throwing balls, bubbles, food, going down the slide, his golf clubs, being rocked to sleep, reading books before bed, playing with legos {the larger ones}, sitting at his own table to eat snacks, and mimicking everything you do.

He hates when he can't move so he still despises being changed or dressed, sitting still, being strapped into his carseat and stroller, getting his face wiped, learning to share, getting his teeth brushed, waiting on food, and eating veggies.

Entranced by "Up"

Since his first birthday he has gotten tubes in and adenoids out, celebrated Christmas, gone to his first Mardi Gras parade, and hunted Easter eggs for the first time. He has moved up in classes at daycare, given up pacifiers and bottles, and moved to a big boy bed. His first REAL word was ball {spoken with a Russian accent}, followed by bubble. He can now say mommy, daddy, uh oh, more, ball, bubble, water {wawa}, doggy, owl, horse, moose, car, hot, eye, mouth, socks, and shoes. He will repeat just about any word you say and if he knows the sound affect to go with it, he will follow it up with that {doggy ruff ruff}. He has no clue what is making my tummy so big...

Have a great week!