My baby is ONE!!!

I wrote this over 2 months ago (shaking my head in shame)
I will slowly but surely get back into this blogging thing. Oh the life of a working mom...

Well, the day has come. My baby is ONE! He is not a baby anymore {bitter sweet}.

Health: Abram STILL has a double ear infection! If you are keeping count, that is over 2 months since it was first discovered. I'm keeping count, and 6 antibiotics later I am DONE! I didn't even want to give him 1 antibiotic before 1 year... We visited an ENT and now we have a surgery scheduled for tubes in and his adenoids out. We have been trying one last, desperate attempt at chiropractic care for chronic ear infections and drainage, but it still seems his ears are inflamed and full of fluid. He is hearing like he has earplugs in {30-40% hearing loss, so we are at the point where we don't want his development to be interrupted...or worse. See why I have no time to blog... :/ One great thing we have discovered from chiro care is essential oils to help with his congestion at night...they are AMAZING and another bonus is that his room smells like a spa.
Visiting the goats at the fair

Sleep: Besides the lack of sleep from his ears and cough, he sleeps well at night and naps amazingly during the day. My little teenage sleeper; I love you!

       Abram still LOVES food, but is getting picky with his veggies. I have started giving him carrot juice as I wean him off of formula. I wanted to stay away from too much dairy because of his congestion, so I also give him almond milk which he loves and probiotic powder in that or organic apple sauce. ANNND I just realized {as I type} I am giving him nuts now...oops. He has teeth all the way back to his molars coming in;  more teeth than any baby that age our daycare worker has seen. This probably explains his constant drooling, runny nose, and ear infections. Our little man has molars! It is kinda crazy..."all the better to eat you with". 

      He took his first steps (that can be counted as steps) on the 19th; just after his one year pics. It was like he sensed it was time to grow up a little. On Halloween he started walking non-stop. He would get up, fall, get up, fall, over and over again until I MADE him go to bed. Ever since then he won't stop. Just after his birthday he was walking over concrete {parent of the year right here} and he crashed, face first. It was not our best moment and now he has a pretty serious battle wound {still in these pics}.

       He is into EVERYTHING and is just curious about the world. We cannot keep him contained and he will tonrado through the house in a matter of minutes. We left the Tupperware cabinet unlocked at the recommendation of friends, and well...that is getting a lock this weekend so we don't have to keep washing 50 containers of drool and dirt from the floor.

       He won't let you hold him for too long now. He hates getting dressed or a diaper change. He is not a fan of baths for some reason now and HATES the car seat with a passion. Bijou annoys him, except for when he decides he wants to tackle her {we are working on that}. He also get extremely frustrated when he can't figure out a toy or something and gets this temper tantrum where he screams and throws something...not the best look on him.

       Over the past month we took one year pics, celebrated his first halloween {he was a vampire because he won't wear hats}, got his first haircut from my friend in Lafayette, went to a pumpkin patch, and celebrated his first birthday with lots of friends and family!