My Champion Fighter

Sleep fighter that is...
       That's right, my kid hates sleep. Abram will be 12 weeks on Thursday and has now slept 6 hours once, 5 hours twice, and constantly sleeps 4 hours at night. It is not the night time sleep that was concerning me so much...I figure he will get longer stretches when he is ready.
       His naps are my problem! He started out ONLY sleeping in his bouncer, then it was the pack-n-play {which he still sleeps in at night}. He would take great naps in his pack-n-play around 6 weeks, then it stopped! I tried his crib...didn't work. I always use a swaddle and white noise. He was only going about 20-45 minutes max. which made my days feel like a race against time. Every time he would wake up I would wait to feed him, and then start looking up solutions. 
       Most websites suggested that he was overtired. Well I became an expert at decoded his signs. He digs his head into my shirt {first sign}, rubs his eyes and yawns {next}, his eyes get red and tired looking, and if I let it go too far he cries. I also recorded his nap times with his schedule and realized that at this time he can only stay awake for 1-1.5 hours without crying. I also put him down drowsy, and he would fall asleep within minutes, then wake up around 30 minutes later...AHHH! I was going crazy!
       That is when I discovered this article: . There are also more details here:
       The swing has saved our naps! He started sleeping 45 min-2 hours! Now I won't lie some days/weeks are better than others. The past 2 weeks I was getting 1.5-2 hours at a time and this week seems to be about 45 minutes, but I will work with it to get nap time= me time. :)