My Life List

So I haven't blogged in a while...I know I know, what is new? I have done my presentation (pics soon to come), but am still in the thick of redoing my boards, models, doing a notebook (not yet started) for another class, and needing to study for a high-rise structures final. Of course though, I am not in the mood to work tonight after working for multiple weeks now.

Anyone who REALLY knows me knows I am a list making queen! You can come to my house and find multiple "old" lists lying around that have since been updated to a new, clean paper and forgotten. Typically, I like to write my list by hand, on paper...but occasionally the "big" life list or "5 years" list requires to be typed and saved as not to lose it. Those who write lists know what I am talking about.

During my procrastination I remembered about my high school list I recently found (hilarious by the way), which lead into my college list (a little more mature sounding, but equally funny), and now what!? Well, although I haven't graduated yet, the idea of not having a job has been getting me down. I have done my resume and online portfolio, and even found the companies I want to apply to (none of which are hiring now)...still something was telling me it wasn't the right time to apply. (This is now where my dad will call me up and light a fire under my uhhum)...Dad, please keep reading. Then, Matt mentioned how he has really been hoping to get an offer to work overseas for a year or two. That is when it hit me (and him), that if I get a job (or knowing me, a good interview), we are stuck here for at least 3 years with no chance of pursuing that opportunity. We agreed that he would really pursue these jobs for a month and then re-evaluate...within two weeks now, the chances of going have greatly increased.

So, to make me feel like I am beginning a new life, free from school, I am making a life list that I will keep on a tab of this blog so you can see the silly and/or serious things I put and accomplish(as I cross them off)...because you know the best part is crossing them off. I will continually add to it and cross off. Feel free to send me suggestions of things to add you wish you could do or your lists. (this is inspired by:

1) Update the blog at least twice a month
2) Go to bed by at least 11 pm every night, and in return wake up by 7
3) Treat Matt to his "perfect day" with me included to thank him for putting up with me while in school
4) Cleanse my house of the clutter
5) Finish staining the kitchen cabinets
6) Get my body back in shape and balanced

7) Get an architecture job
8) Become a registered architect
9) Eventually figure out a way to work from home and still make money (in my dreams)
10) Educate myself on how to run a business

11) Learn to play a song on the guitar
12) Learn to not take things personally
13) Learn to fold the laundry straight from the dryer
14) Start using coupons for groceries (not crazy like that couponing show)

15) Take Gable for a stroll at least 3 times a week
16) Create my dream creative office
17) Get my own furniture
18) Have a baby (you know...eventually)
19) Double our savings
20) Take at least one family trip a year
21) Have a special date night at least once a month

22) Run a half-marathon
23) Get at least 10 (regular nightly) dinner recipes in my arsenal
24) Get all the "need to alter" clothes in my trunk to the seamstress
25) Change our carpet (at first I accidentally spelled it crapet which is probably more appropriate)
26) Get a good camera and master it
27) Wakeboard again
28) Get myself to do the splits again
29) Try yoga again
30) Go to New York for Thanksgiving/Christmas to see the tree and ice skate
31) Travel everywhere ( I know this sounds unrealistic, but there are just too many places I am determined to go to list)
32) Get good at birthdays (remembering, gifting, etc....I am not good now and I blame school ;))
33) Sew from a pattern
34) Go camping again (this time without peeing in the sleeping bag)
35) Design my own house...with a pool ;)
36) Redo my physical portfolio
37) Learn Revit
38) Continue my my family's Christmas traditions
39) Stay close with my extended family (so rare and so special)
40) Make friends where I live so we can have dinner parties
41) See my family and best friends more