My work so far...

I just finished my last rendering (except for a few edits I need to make to them). Now, I just have to edit my boards again (hopefully for the last time) before I print them and close my computer down. I am not finishing tonight, but I am one step closer to my due date of Tuesday. For those of you who have been wondering where I have been or what I have been doing, here are a few pics of my work so far. I promise to post the final stuff when I finish.

I would post all of my drawings, but I am sure plans and elevations are of no interest to some of you so here are my boards from my final presentation (the ones being redone now) and the renderings I have been working on. I use a 3-d modeling program that is easy and quick to model in, called SketchUp. I then take an assortment of styles of the model image into photoshop and start layering, blending, filtering, etc. until I get the look I want. Other 3-d modeling programs produce much nicer rendering with real looking lighting and stuff, but one rendering can take hours to a day and you may or may not like it. These take me about a day each from SketchUp to Photoshop, but I am in full control and I find comfort in that haha. To give you a visual of how much I do in photoshop, I posted a before (sketchup) and after (photoshop) of some of them.

After: My favorite, it is the public plaza area of my project looking at the farmer's market
After: In between the market pavilion and service structure
After: Under the pavilion
After: I finished this one today and needed to show it lit up at night with a Mardi Gras parade
Here is the presentation setup:

Part of this will be redone for graduation too...
Now, I am off to bed to get some sleep before my day off. Some classmates and I have decided we needed a break so we are going tubing...then to the boards on Sunday and the model on Monday