New Spring Additions

Spring has sprung, and I am loving it! The weather is still pretty cool (hoping it will be a cooler summer= a cooler wedding), but it has been nice for running, building our new flower bed, and bbq'ing.

Along with the beautiful flowers starting to come alive in my flower beds, we have welcomed another addition to our extended family. My best friend of almost 11 years had her baby boy, Tyler Morgan, on March 25th.

 Yes, that is the day after Jake's birthday so I am hoping it will be easy for me to remember. He came around 10 pm and weighed 6 lbs. and 5 ounces. He has a full head of hair and looks like a doll...just like his momma ;). Unfortunately, they now live in Alabama so I have not gotten to see my little man yet, but I am counting down the days until I can. The painting I have been working on was for his room, and it was very fitting that I finished it on his birthday...granted I stayed up until late to do so haha. It is now packed up and ready to be shipped to Alabama. The only thing I am wondering is, will he be an Alabama or LSU fan? I guess no matter what I will have to love him. Congrats to the two new parents from Matt and I! Here is hoping you get lots of rest!

The week before was my spring break. Erika and Isla (now almost 2 years old) came to Houston to help me paint our guest bedroom. I love my little Isla bean; she has the biggest eyes and wipes her hair from her face with her whole hand most little girls. We took them to have some bbq and go to the Houston Rodeo to see Gary Allan while Isla enjoyed her large hat of ice cream; eaten with a spoon twice her size of course. If you haven't ever gone you should; it is quite a spectacle. It is so weird to be around all of the little kiddos, but pretty soon I am sure all our lives will revolve around them...

 We chose a concrete gray for the room which goes well with the large upholstered chartruse head board I made when I lived in Lafayette and white bed spread(pics soon to come). Thanks for the help you guys...I have such fantastic friends! Hopefully our house can look a little better than a construction zone when everyone comes into town for the wedding.