Our wedding day was more than either of us could dream of...pure perfection. We hope our marriage follows along those lines although we are not naive that it takes work. I figure if after 8 years of being together and two years of living together we still jumped head-over-heels into marriage...something must be working for us.

Our families have been at our sides every step of the way and showed us how much they care during our year of wedding planning...yes, the entire year of venues, food, flowers, music, dresses, invites, rings, smiles, and break-downs. Wedding planning does take a lot of work and I am glad to get to rest and relax now, but it did pass by too fast. An entire year of planning for four hours of fun that felt like 20 minutes. I kept reminding myself to take it all in...in each moment. From the getting ready with my girls, to the ceremony music played by my cousins, to the saints chant at the reception...everything was special and memorable.

Thank you everyone for coming to our weekend of wedding fun...we had a blast and hope you all had just as much fun as we did! Also, thanks to our parents for working so hard to help us put this wedding together...it is now over and you can go get a margarita or two! ;)