Nursery Inspiration Board

Last week I hit the 20 week mark and we confirmed that we are indeed expecting a little girl. We celebrated by painting some of the walls in her nursery this past weekend while it "poured down" was supposed didn't :/.  I had created an inspiration board a few weeks ago, then edited here is the edited version. I'm sure a lot will change as the room progresses.
I am not someone who can do a totally themed or one-color room. I get bored waaayyy too quick.  Abram's nursery had an "adventure-ish" theme that started with a patterned fabric I liked, a saying, and a few dog paintings. I LOVE mixing several colors and patterns so things can be easily changed as time passes and tastes change.
This nursery was much harder to get the ideas rolling. I didn't want anything princessy, but still wanted to celebrate the "girl" spirit. Back in December, before I even knew I was having a girl, I saw some beautiful colored butterflies and moss displays at West Elm that I LOVED and came up with the theme "Make Believe" which could go in almost any direction.
I kinda combined Alice In Wonderland, secret garden, and glam/rock in my head. At first I was sold on fresh white walls and a bright floral focal wall behind the crib. Matt quickly vetoed that because of the thought of wall paper...bummer. If anyone wants a nursery like that I will be happy to help you design it; it would be so cool!  
Our family has been to the Hard Rock, in Vegas, several times and I have always loved the dark purple, moody, rock, velvet feel of it so I am trying to incorporate some of that. I love love love the Ikea chandelier because it reminds me of raindrops, but it might be too tall for our 8' ceilings so I am searching for an alternative. I am re-using the crib and glider from Abram's nursery so those won't add to the budget {if you don't count his big boy room update} ;)}. I am also painting a dresser that was given to me by a relative to save cost.
The nursery has so far evolved from more woodsy to a little more edgy, but I have some great ideas to tone down the drama. I really wanted to inspire her to dream and use her imagination. I also wanted to use floral, dots, and stripes to create a girly backdrop for some moodier pieces. I'm really into the idea of a deep purple and gold dresser right now, but that could change by next week.  I've also got some ideas for some cool textural items and imaginative decorations.
Stay tuned for updates...