Nursery Inspiration | Rockers & Gliders

Rockers and gliders for the nursery have come a long way since the days of watching my mom rock my brother in his cow nursery...or was it Noah's ark {can't remember}.

When I first started searching for a rocker for our first nursery I was totally overwhelmed. There were soooo many options and it seemed like all the ones I liked were the price of a dining room table or couch for the living room. I am all for quality, comfort, and style while rocking my baby to sleep, but when my child is old enough to have sleep overs on the couch with me I want to actually be able to still afford one. Luckily, there are plenty of great chairs that don't compromise style and comfort for affordability.

Out of all the pieces of furniture in Abram's nursery, the rocker is the one I get the most emails about. Since I won't be doing the rocker search for this nursery {re-using our other one} I decided I would help out some parents who need some quick guidance. Obviously the quality will vary based on price, so before you order make sure to read the reviews and return policy.

All of these rockers and gliders can be purchased for under $1,000 {I tried to keep it on the lower end of that range} and are a variety of styles. Here are my top 10:

1Rock Point Rocker {$162}: If you are looking for a simple wooden rocker this one fits the bill, buts adds a pop of color for a lower price tag than some. {Similar-Land of Nod Classic Wooden Rocker}

2Holden Modern Rocker {$200}: This simple, modern rocker definitely has the "less is more" look. It would be perfect for a neutral nursery, and brings in the modern while keeping the warmth of wood.

3Bentwood Rocker {$200}: If you are looking for a whimsical rocker with a vintage flair this is the rocker for you. In fact, you can probably find a true vintage rocker of this type on websites like craigslist. Luckily if you want the look there are several sites to choose from. Just imagine this rocker with a pop of color or maybe with some added upholstery for the more colorful nurseries. It could definately be your nusery's statement piece. {similar for less}{similar}

4- Enchanted Cherish Glider {$354}: This is our rocker {Black and white stripe}. After 1.5 years of use we still love it. I am 5'3" and my husband is 6'2" and we can both sit pretty comfortably in it; it's plush and comfy. We love the pin-stripe look and the black and white is versatile with almost any nursery color scheme. My husband's one complaint is that it doesn't recline. My complaint is that the back cushion is sewn to the back so it is hard to fluff. Oh and for light colored furniture, scotch guard is amazing. {Similar- PBK Glider} {Similar- Land of Nod Glider}{Similar- Serena and Lily}

5- Eddie Bauer Chair and Half Rocker {$400}: Great for the parents that want to sit together or for family stories since it is a little wider. {Similar for less}

6- Grayson Rocker {$400}: I saw this shortly after having my son and wished I had seen it sooner. This rocker is so unique for a nursery. Although the arms aren't upholstered, a pillow could provide extra cushion needed.

7Eddie Bauer Wingback Rocker {$400}: This rocker has the classic appeal of a wing back chair and the comfort needed for long nights with the newborn. If you are going for a classic or gender neutral nursery, this rocker would be a great affordable option as opposed to some of the more popular brands. {Similar- PBK Rocker}

8Modernica Arm Shell Rocker {$435}: This modern rocker comes in a variety of colors to fit your nursery scheme. It would be the perfect fit for a more contemporary nursery or a smaller room that cannot fit the larger, upholstered rockers/gliders. A couple of bonuses are that any spills or accidents can easily be wiped up and it will easily transition into a great chair for your child's room/playroom later on. {Similar for less} {Similar-Land of Nod Rocker- Same Price}

9- Little Castle Charleston Glider {$450}: An upholstered glider with more contemporary lines and a choice of colors. The tufted back and subtle pattern in the fabric adds to the look without competing for attention. {similar} {similar- Land of Nod Luca Glider} {similar- Enchanted Glider} {similar- Rockabye Glider}

10- Nurseryworks Empire Rocker {$900}: This was the rocker I dreamed of for our first nursery. Unfortunately I wasn't working at the time so it wasn't in my budget, but if I had a closet of rockers to trade out this would be the one I would my sit in by myself. ;)

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Have a great weekend!