An Oklahoma Weekend

Last weekend Matt's parents, Matt, and I packed the van full of luggage and headed over to Norman. It was a crazy weekend with lots going on.

We got there Friday, just in time to head over to the Kansas, Styx, and Foreigner concert. I remember always listening to my dad's foreigner cd when I was little because it was one of the first cd's we owned. The crowd was unusual and after hearing Juke Box Hero and Hot Blooded, my mom and I decided to leave with Matt's parents to finish getting stuff for Kristen's party the next day. Matt and my dad staying until past the end...and when we saw them that night they were off of the deep end as well.

Saturday was Kristen's graduation AND her birthday. So it was her birthuation I guess. We went to the packed arena to see her get her diploma, and she then snuck out early (thank god!) haha. Matt and his parents left early to go prepare the Jambalaya and potato salad for the party.

We got home and helped to finish cooking everything and began the party. It was a day of food, hot-tubbing because it was unusually cool, and games...and for me a little nap.  It turned out to be a wonderful day and Kristen had a lot of fun.

On Sunday, Dawn through me a bridal shower at her house...themed yellow. LOVE IT! She had the most beautiful setup with yellow cupcakes, lemon drops, tulips (my favorite flower), punch, and other treats...including some AMAZING chocolate covered strawberries. Not as many people as I would have hoped came due to weather and graduations, but the people that did were my closest family so I could not have asked for more.  Casey was so excited about the wedding and the fact that he was in it. I think at this point he has totally forgotten about Matt, and it is now mine and his wedding. Thank you so much Dawn for such a beautiful shower, it meant so much to me!

P.S. whoever has the pictures with the grandparents and Kayla, could you send them?
Now ready or not, here comes the wedding...29 Days and counting!