When I first started this blog
I promised myself that it would also be a blog
for good design and design topics/discussions.
Here is an early attempt:
Since "taking a break", I have gotten into 
de-cluttering and re-organizing our home
to make it function more like a well-oiled machine.
It has been a slow process.
It started in the kitchen when I was enthusiastic,
I didn't change much, 
just made the functional zones more workable;
giving us a little more countertop space.
I have also been organizing a sugar land women's kitchen.
I feel totally out of my league 
since she has a huge kitchen with food for nine...
I am used to two-five MAX.
I love the idea of creating 
zones of use, a service triangle, and ways to make storage more organized.
I feel that some people underestimate the 
power of baskets and jars,
but sometimes I can see how moving newly purchased food to jars 
would be more work than it is worth.
I guess it is all about balance...
I finally got my sugars next to my coffee...and you can see it in the clear jars so people don't have to ask where it is!
How does their kitchen look so clean with no cabinet doors!? Personally, I think it is only possible when organized, not touched and a photo is taken ;)
LOVE this pantry...check out the link below for more pics of it...and tips on organizing
My mom would totally have these IKEA-like baskets in her pantry...
From there I cleared off our breakfast table.
It was completely covered with Matt's paperwork.
I also have started cleaning and working on the laundry room.
I hung a retractable line up high 
so our clothes will not be drying on our table and chairs anymore.
I am also putting up an iron/iron board holder.
Maximizing the surfaces in our small laundry room is very important to me.
If I had the room and the money, I would totally get them!
I bet we can figure out a way to make it...

Beadboard Drying Rack -Medium
I have also started sanding down the thin, paper wall paper in the half-bath
Talk about a piece of work.
I take breaks every 20 minutes, so this project may take a while
I didn't mind the texture (which was peeling), 
but did mind the goddy red/gold/bronze sponged color.
My plan is to paint a pattern on one wall.
I will show you the finished project when I am done.

Enjoy your 4th of July!