Our House's Mascot

You know when you see those tacky sports team lawn ornaments and you think, "Who would buy that!?"

This girl!

Well it was not really purchased by me. If you've read some of my posts you know I have a secret obsession with gnomes and random objects with character, I hate my HOA, and I love my Tigers. We were in an LSU store in Baton Rouge this fall looking for cool shirts, and I saw something I had to have! The conversation went something like this...

Nikki: "Matt, look at these awesome LSU gnomes...it looks so cute and would totally tick off the HOA"
Matt: "Haha...oh wait you are serious? Oh lord..."
Nikki: texted about 4 different ones to Debbie Faye
Debbie: "hahaha...love them, you should get one!" (she knows me so well)
Nikki: "Well I want this shirt too, so not right now" :(

2 months later: An LSU gnome arrived on my front porch...from Debbie (Merry Christmas) :)

I accidentally opened the box which I wasn't supposed to do until Christmas, so I re-wrapped it to give to Matt on Christmas. He opened it and just started laughing...his mom said, "There has to be a story with this!"

Matt placed the gnome on our mantel, next to santa, and it has been there ever since. It may just have to go in the front yard, next to our LSU flag for the weekend....take that HOA!

We leave tomorrow to head to New Orleans...20 friends in a house near Bourbon, with the Saints and Lsu games thrown in the mix...this should be interesting. Matt had a free ticket to the Championship game, but it fell through...typical :/. We might just grab our favorite drinks and head to the house to watch the game so we don't have to stand at a crowded bar the whole time. Bijou will be staying at a kennel...this girl is taking no chances! Have a great weekend and Geaux Tigers!