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After all my hard work...it is DONE...and is now my favorite room in our house full of halfway done projects!
A room to grow in...

       When I started thinking about a nursery I knew I didn't want a specific theme. I hate themed rooms in my house; I get bored with them quickly. We didn't know yet whether we were having a boy or girl, but we knew we wanted the bright dog paintings my friend, Logan, painted for me. Our dogs are our babies and we liked the idea that although they were no longer physically with us, they could watch over our new baby and keep him/her safe.

       Before I found out we were having a boy I saw an awesome grey and yellow plaid fabric at Hobby Lobby...so I then began praying for a boy so I could use the fabric haha {half-way sarcastic}. Prayers answered...thanks God, you have gotten me one step closer to finishing the nursery.

the plaid fabric was used for the crib skirt (diy coming soon...)

       I, like most people these days, love the look of vintage and modern mixed. I love color and when patterns, color, and texture mix in an interesting way. I really had no direction besides that...I just kept saying that I wanted it to be a room for a boy. I began trying to incorporate everything we love into his room and hoped it would somehow create unity when combined{oh ya I have an eclectic taste}. A little bit of animal fun {our dogs and pigs bc I'm obsessed), hunting {Matt's love}, patterns, travel, planes {Matt's other love}, rustic, etc...our little one's well rounded boy room. Hope you like!