Our pictures are ready!

I have been seriously neglecting the blog since getting married. This is not because I don't love it...I am just in mega-cleaning mode these days. I have been organizing my whole house. This includes giving away 3 bags of clothes/purses/shoes from my closet, organizing Matt's closet, organizing my design shelf and throwing away 3 shelves of samples/brochures, organizing our office, etc. I think the fear of going back to school unorganized is the culprit of this.

If I haven't already e-mailed you this...our pictures from the wedding are in! Matt and I have been re-living our wedding day in all of its wonderful excitement over and over again. Thank you so much Clint Shuttlesworth! Go to the link below and enter in the password: yourock. We get the cd of them next week so I will be posting them on Facebook. In the meantime, here is a pic I "stole" from his gallery. Now I am off to replant some plants in the flower beds!