Our trial run....

Welcome third trimester! 
Officially 6 months pregnant!
Half of a year!
27 Weeks!
Less than 3 months until my due date!
...where did the time go?! 
Remember this? Beginning of second trimester in comparison to the beginning of the third...the day after my trial run
Total weight gain/loss: +19
Maternity clothes? Same as before…those shorts still buttoned which is pretty crazy
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Not great this week because of my stopped up nose
Best moment this week: FINALLY getting the nursery painted AND my baby shower of course!
Miss Anything?  Just doing things without worrying about the heat or if I’m over-doing it
Movement: Yes, a nurse said, “your baby moves A LOT! That’s good, only happy babies move that much!”
Food cravings: Chocolate milk and sweets….not good because my glucose test is this week
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not this week
Have you started to show yet:  Yes
Gender prediction: BOY!
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out?  wondering if it will stay an innie (fingers crossed)
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Need to control my anxiety and relax!
Looking forward to:  Getting the nursery done, our babymoon this weekend, and scheduling a maternity photo session (just decided to do it...I want to remember this time forever)
I guess you could say I made a dramatic entrance into the third trimester...with what we are now jokingly calling our "trial run". It was not so funny at the time, in fact, I was a blubbering mess. Once it was all over, we are happy that it was just a trial run and we can laugh about it now. 
 After leaving Lafayette last weekend, I of course got sick (like always), so I put myself on bed rest for a couple days to try and get my allergies under control and rest my body before it turned into an infection. 
It worked! 
So Friday and Saturday I took it upon myself to finish painting the nursery...mainly because my ribs could not take sitting anymore! About mid-day Saturday I knew something wasn't right because of some symptoms I was having. I called our healthcare nurse line and they told me to get to the hospital. Introduce the blubbering mess...
After getting checked out, everything related to the symptoms looked fine BUT we found out that I was having contractions 3 minutes apart which I was completely unaware of until about 5 minutes later when I started to feel them. They flipped me on my side and had me start downing water to try and slow them down. Apparently dehydration, combined with stress caused false labor. I now know what they feel like and what to look for/do if it happens again. 
The good thing is our baby's heart was perfect the entire 5 hours we were there and he moved like crazy. "Only happy babies move that much!"-our nurse. They also all LOVE our doctor, Matt said it is almost ridiculous how many good things everyone has to say about him.:)
Our trial run...after everything was ok. Hopefully we won't see those nice ladies again until November!
They have been seeing a lot of women come in with the extreme heat and humidity down here, so everyone drinks lots of water! I now have a couple of drill sergeants that regulate my drinking and activity levels in the heat of the day....and just think this all happened the week I didn't work out once!