Party Pics {Abram's Up/ Adventure Birthday Party}

From the moment I saw the movie "Up" I knew I wanted to use it as inspiration for Abram's birthday. I mean it has dogs, planes, adventure, is practically Abram's nursery with a little emotion and humor thrown in. I love the idea of something as simple as balloons in every color for a birthday, but I just couldn't stop there. 

I wanted to have cake pops for everyone since they would be easier to snack on while chasing toddlers around. My sis had made them before so I put her to work. They.Are.Hard. I will never ask her to do them again. She and my mom were stressing. BUT my idea worked out and we had cake pop balloons lifting our "up" house that I threw together.
I made Abram's cake and iced it and ordered my airplane topper from Etsy to make it look edible. Note to self; hire a caterer for your next party. 

The menu: 
Doggies in a blanket, 
Bone rice krispie treats,
leftover Halloween candy, 
Balloon cake pops,
Crush soda {etc}
and Jambalaya
Since he is only one I didn't want to stress myself out about a favor. I just decided to have a "make your own trail mix" bar for the kids of all ages to pick the snacks they like to take home. I found some muslin bags online and stamped them with a map stamp from Hobby Lobby. I had sweets for the older kids like m&ms and lots of easy snacks Abram eats regularly.

 I made a GIANT tissue paper garland that I hung over our island and the appetizers. It took some time, but I am going to split it up and put one in the game room and keep some for holidays or something. I also had a timeline of pics on the fireplace and Abram's Ikea tent and teepee set up for the young kids adventure areas.

Outside we had a small bounce house and giant blow up slide to keep the older kids busy. I'm pretty sure all had a good time!