Picture Catch Up

       Life has been a whirlwind, but let's get real, when is it not? I am trying to make a schedule for commitments and this blog is one I would desperately like to stick to. So here is my catch up post so we can get back on track {in pics}.

       We won the float contest at our group of friend's Turkey Tailgate...BIG achievement right there. It was a couples challenge, using only what crafty items were on the table and about 20-30 minutes. This is our float with our prizes. We actually tied floats with a Christmas float, but our tie breaking candy corn throw & catch in the mouth challenge gave us the win! Who knew I was so good at catching candy corn being thrown at me!?...I have a tracker on those things.

Went to a friend's wedding

We enjoyed Thanksgiving with my family this year, and got to spend some time with my 99 year old granny. Girls lost pictionary during the final moments.

Abram got tubes in his ears and his adenoids out...long time coming! They wheeled him to the OR in a wagon; which made it easier on me.
Decorated for Christmas

We had our Annual Santa Pub Crawl. This is the only pic that can be seen publicly from the night. ;)
Celebrated Christmas with my family, and then his (on Christmas day)

New Years...on the couch...by the warmth of the fire...watching the countdown and the amazing "free" fireworks from our back window...while Abram slept. HEAVEN
Celebrating Valentines Day with both of my boys
Lots of playing at the park in the 70 degree weather
Then, Getting sick from extreme temp drops
Finishing the hutch for our friends and the shelves for our game room (game room almost complete and I promise I will post when it is)

Oh and there was one HUGE Christmas surprise we got that I forgot to mention. 
Baby Tag #2 is on the way!
I was shocked...I mean I couldn't even say the word for about a week. So were our families when we told them for Christmas; I thought my mom might attack me for springing it on her while they were posing for a picture.
Oh and the best part {our fb announcement}: Roses are red, Violets are blue, Our little boy is sweet, Hoping our little GIRL is too! Yup...it's a girl!!! :) Another nursery is already in the works!