Put The Lime In The Coconut

      I have been craving the beach lately and this song would be a great one to have playing next to me while I sipped an ice cold beverage, stuck my toes in the sand, and tanned my pasty white legs.

      A lime would finish off that beverage perfectly, but coincidentally, it is that little lime inside of me that will keep me drinking virgins for another 6.5 months. Yup, I am pregnant; 11.5 weeks to be exact ...although this will not become facebook official for another few weeks. I was going to wait until I was ready for facebook to write about it on my blog, but then my mom called and told me to do it so like a good daughter I did what I was told haha. Actually, I also realized that my blog is read mostly by family and close friends and they all already know...and if you didn't now you can join me on my journey! I always wanted to use this blog to document my changing life, so instead of typing my weekly updates in word for myself they will be on my blog yay!

      I have been a nervous wreck during this pregnancy (I found out on March 2nd, at 4 weeks)...so scared that something bad would happen that it has kept me from enjoying everything and writing about it. That ends now. I have decided that if something bad happens at this stage (God forbid)...after two ultrasounds and healthy heartbeats heard, then I will just go through it with everyone because I'm not that private of a person anyway.

I know these types of pics are super cheesy, but I felt it had to be done for the sake of documentation. I bought these socks a LONG time ago to give to Matt to tell him we were pregnant when it happened...then I forgot. Luckily LSU socks are always exciting, no matter when you give them!

So I am officially saying that baby Tag is due to arrive November 9, 2012! I will try and catch my blog up on my previous weeks over the next week (so get ready for some updates). Feel free to not read them if you have no interest haha. Now I am off to drink some ginger ale!