Rodeo Season Y'all!

       I promise we are still alive! The past two weeks have felt like the holiday season; complete with all 3 of us getting sick {did you know moms don't get sick days?}, a ball, crawfish boils, birthdays, and the rodeo. We have gotten to go to the Houston Rodeo twice this year! Matt and I saw Toby Keith and the whole fam saw Dierks Bentley. What other 4 month old has cowboy style while at one of the biggest rodeos, watching an amazing singer?

I have a lot to catch up on...guess who turns 4 months tomorrow!? 

Holy moly! 

       I also have a lot of projects in the works and being typed up so check back soon. For now, I will leave you with this cuteness...I about exploded with cute, cowbaby overload!

       Yes, those are sock boots, a baby belt buckle, and "my hero" collared shirt onesie. My word, how can you resist?!