The Second Ultrasound

I couldn't think of a catchier title, so there ya go.

8-9 Weeks Stats:
Total weight gain/loss: +1 lb

Baby’s Size: By 9 weeks the baby is the size of a grape
Best moment: the second ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat lucky!
Miss Anything? Feeling productive
Food cravings: I am LOVING plums still and any fruit or fruit juice is what I want now…sweets, and potatoes…it varies daily…this week chips were added to this
Anything making you queasy or sick: looking at raw meat, not eating consistently, lying down after eating, and if I thirsty I get really sick feeling, fish, and too much liquids at a time 
Have you started to show yet: Not yet although my eating has slowed down as my morning (all-day) sickness has increased
Gender prediction: The Chinese gender prediction chart says boy
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty happy, but still feel sick most of the day
Looking forward to: The second trimester and feeling good again

       Still no vomiting, just all day nausea. I am also way more tired now than I was before…just in time to go back to bootcamp. Another pesky symptom that arrived around 8.5 weeks is the occasional, but horrible headache. Mine seem to last for a couple days then fade away...and there is nothing I can take for them now so I just have to quit being such a baby...and grow one. :) Of course, when I am not nauseous I am dizzy now...lovely...this made bootcamp interesting. At one point I just had to stop and watch everyone else...doing squats and push ups just doesn't work when you are dizzy. I get a little worried because when my mom was pregnant with my brother she would pass out.
        I am officially starting to freak out again! The doctor said that every pregnancy starts at a 25% risk of miscarriage and that after you hear the heartbeat it goes down to 3% until the second trimester when it is less than 1%...but after reading some posts I feel like he told me that just to make me not worry…so many women have miscarriages between weeks 7 and 12…maybe I need to just stop reading the internet posts haha. Thank goodness my doctor's office does more first trimester ultrasounds than many others, so I get reassurance regularly.
       Matt didn't get to make the 8 week 6 day ultrasound, but I got pictures…what a difference two weeks makes! It was much bigger than before and then I saw the little heartbeat again yay! It was measuring 9 weeks and 2 days (3 days ahead) and had a heart rate of 179 bpm. Everything checked out great and I got a blood test done for the dizziness, etc. (They later came back normal, so the doctor said I was just dehydrated...I now drink 7 bottles of water a day...Nikki the camel)
        Easter weekend I was able to tell Leslie and Erika. I gave them fake easter eggs with a note inside that read “Cannot wait to meet you Aunt ___ love, Baby Tag” As soon as Erika opened it she saw the word baby and her mouth dropped wide open. They were shocked and excited! I also was officially a pregnant woman in a bar…drinking a Shirley temple. We sent an e-mail to all of our friends on Monday letting them in on our secret…what a great weekend!