Sit Back and Relax

Our engagement photo session was supposed to be at 5 pm, but due to weather was rescheduled this morning for this coming Thursday evening. I hope it doesn't rain on Thursday because we cannot reschedule our shoot for a fourth time...Matt and I have devised a plan to make our shoot really cool if it does. This would involve dramatic lighting, dancing (my idea), an umbrella, and kiss under it in the rain (Matt's idea).

I guess here is to another week of eating right, excercising, teeth whitening, and face cleansing routinely. Luckily, Matt and I felt the pressure to go shopping together last night for our outfits...finally! I will get mine ready this weekend so my crazy week doesn't get in the way of looking pretty for the shoot. But...since it is cancelled for today...I am taking a spoon and scooping out a glob of Nutella from the jar Matt keeps hidden from me on the top shelf of our pantry; for fear that I will not be able to resist and eat it all before he gets a bite. Yum!

 A photo taken by our photographer: Clint Shuttlesworth...Just to tide you over until ours...