Slow Down My Little Magnolia

My baby boy is growing too fast. He got moved to the next class up in daycare this week. I sat at my work computer watching the monitor as they brought him in for the first time, and I {not him} just cried like a baby. He is the kind of kid who stands back and observes for the first 15 minutes and then dives in. For that 15 minutes every motherly worry came to me; will the other kids play with him, will he handle the change well, are the teachers nice, etc...  It was the first time I wasn't physically present for a big transition and I didn't want him to have to go through it without me. 
He fit in perfectly, but I think another reason for my tears is because he is just growing so fast. I anticipated his arrival so much and felt so connected with him before he was born. Then he arrived and turned our world upside-down; we really weren't prepared and it was tough at first! 
Now, it has been amazing! 
I prayed for a child with character and he has it! His personality is perfectly quirky, sweet, and adventurous. We just have so much fun laughing at and playing with him and I know this, like the baby phase in the past, won't last is killing me. I find myself looking back at his pictures with tears in my eyes...probably in part to being pregnant and emotional. ;) For a while he no longer needed me to rock him to sleep and I thought that was a big accomplishment. Now he lets me...I think it is because he knows I need it more than him. I don't want to see his fat wrist crease fade away so I just stare and try to smell him up while I rock.
Before I got pregnant this time around a friend joked that he was getting his teeth so fast so he could grow up and make room for a sibling. It hasn't been long since that comment and now #2 is on her way {full steam ahead...half way today} and we are ordering a big boy bed for #1. Everyone tells you it passes quickly, but you don't believe it. I pray that his little sister learns from him and has the same awesome character that he does, but with her own twist. I know he will be a fantastic big brother and I hope I can handle another child growing way too fast. Bear with me over the next 5 months; they are bound to get a little emotional.
xo, Nikki