Someone Call the Doctor!

As to be expected by now, this blog is consistent with the average of one week late. Last week was my final week off before summer school started and I had intended on doing a lot of work around the house, but unfortunately my allergies didn't think that I should. I fought them from Monday night until Friday morning when my fever became so limiting that I got dressed and drove myself (which felt like a large feat at the time) to the walk-in clinic. This was partially driven by my strong desire to feel well enough to walk and partially by my wanting to go on the boat in Louisiana that weekend. You know how that always get sick at the worst time.

After my three unprescribed medicines Friday morning and my three prescribed medicines that afternoon, I was finally feeling well enough to ride with Matt to Louisiana and nap the whole way. Friday night was a party at Omeed's house for his brother, Fashid, who just graduated from med school in New Orleans. Although I was not completely back to normal I suited up in my heels and hit the social scene (I was really there for the food at first) I was "that sober girl" at the party drinking my sprite and dancing since I was on antibiotics...hey, I do not need to have alchohol to dance...I catch myself busting a move in stores when shopping. We had a blast and got pretty sweaty due to the Louisiana humidity.
I went to Matt's and rested until about noon the next day, when Ashtyn and I went to Sypamore Point to meet the boys who had been fishing all morning. We wakeboarded for about three or four hours. Of course Matt and David are really getting pretty good and comfortable on the board, but being my third time out (and not even getting up my first time out) I was still getting used to the feeling. I am pretty impressed with myself for even attempting it. After all of us went at least once, we headed to the local hotspot...a small store that sells bait, gas station goods, and some awesome burgers. We sat by the water, ate, and enjoyed the beautiful day in front of us.
This week started my summer school which is basically building the pavillion we designed for an Elementary School last semester. I am really excited to let ya'll share in this process throughout the summer. It will be alot of work, and right now we are editing construction documents to send to the city codes office for approval. We had a meeting with two engineers, and should be done with that by Tuesday. Then we start on fabrication drawings and then hit the shop to start building our design. We are still hoping to be done by August 6th, but you know how construction is....I hope so though, because I am in Matt's cousin's wedding in Louisiana August 7th. I still had not caught up with my body all week and felt a little weak, I even started to get a sore throat again yesterday (which should not be happening because there are still antibiotics in my system). After resting lastnight I feel much better and this weekend will be a laid back one for me while Matt is at a Bachelor Party. I will keep in touch!
Derrick, Matt, and Garrett
Matt's Parents even got down...
Ashtyn and ITrain
On the dance floor
Pulling to the side to get momentum to jump a wake

I'm on a boat...(referring to the song)

Look at me go!

Getting set up to go again