something to nibble on...

So I have now been in Houston for almost a month and am really busy, in probably the hardest architecture program I have been in as far as quantity of work goes.

When I left for Houston I was excited for a new adventure. But, to repeat what I have been saying the past few weeks, "I miss LSU so much!" I never thought I would ever say that. I also miss my job more than anything! 

Houston is quite different from Louisiana. It is like desperate housewives, and everyone has a lawn guy that they want us to use. I feel like I am being watched and cannot do anything wrong. There are cameras at almost every light and to change your matchy match house, you have to take paint samples to the HOA people! I think I know what I am doing and it really ticks me off. No wonder no one does anything to their house. It took me an hour to find a kinko's because all of the buildings look alike!

I told my mom that I just want to take a big bucket of paint and throw it on everything! Not burnt red or beige! You know, color can be risky and not always work like you planned, but at least in the end you can say you took a risk. I guess to some extent Sugar Land did by making everything match and look exactly the same, and in my opinion they failed miserably.

On that note, I am still trying to figure out the character of Houston. Besides interstates, there has got to be something other than money that makes people enjoy living here. In class today we talked about the spirit of a city...the places I have lived in Louisiana are full of spirit. That makes me think how big can a city be and still keep its own spirit? With all the suburbs of Houston, it almost takes on too much and loses itself. Anyway enough about that.

I have posted some pics from the past couple of weeks...enjoy and please keep me in mind with IKE because yet again I might be traveling back and forth to Louisiana during a hurricane.

Dinner with the friends in Lafayette before leaving..miss you Derrick!


The bride at her bachelorette party

The girls about to go to Tsunami, in Baton Rouge

Gustav evacuation traffic...we found a side road...haha

but we still got stuck in it...eight hours later we were home


Baton Rouge was too hot after a week of no electricity following Gustav so we had some visitors over the weekend and took them out...the band loved the LSU hat. No more triscuits and beef jerky for breakfast anymore Sina! Baton Rouge got hit pretty bad and LSU lost a lot of trees...