A Southern Fall Weekend

Spent as one should in the South, this past Fall weekend Matt and I traveled to Baton Rouge to see the Tigers roll over Auburn.

At the beginning of fall Matt promised to bring me to an LSU game during my wine-fest about how much I miss it over there every Fall. I then stated, "make sure it is a good game." Because it was too hard to get Florida tickets he went for the Auburn game; proudly winning the ebay bid in the last 2 seconds after a week of watching it.

I had been on my food regime now for 2.5 weeks and planned on breaking it for one day during the weekend so that I could tailgate properly. We stopped in Lake Charles on the way in to grab some shrimp etouffee which was delicious.

 Matt and I in Lake Charles
The day of the game we walked the campus, visiting different tailgates to see friends before settling at ours. I just love seeing all of the school spirit at this school considering my new one has barely any if at all. Seeing the kids roll down the Indian Mounds and the adults hanging out and watching games makes me miss my family, but a nice cup of gumbo soothes that quickly

 Josh setting up the beer pong at the Indian Mounds

We enjoyed the day of tailgating and then went to the game to see our Tigers play in Death Valley. This was our first time not sitting in the student section so it was weird not having to stand and dance to all of the band's songs throughout the game. I kept catching myself doing the dances while sitting. The Tigers played better than expected, stomping Auburn, and I got to hear the fight song which gives me chills every time. I left a happy camper, stopping at my favorite burrito place to top off the night. O how I love a Louisiana tailgate!

On our way to the game
Matt dancing to the ratchet on the way to the game

Fourth Quarter in Death Valley!