The Summer of Craziness begins...

The weekend after my last blog I took off to Oklahoma to suprise my mom for mother's day. It was so hard not to call her the whole time, but my sis helped organize it so I just stayed in touch with her. When I got to their house, I rang the doorbell and had Kristen answer. She told my mom that she had a package that was too big to pick up. When she came to the door we yelled suprise and she was shocked. We kept it from it for more than a month! We kept busy with going out, sushi, and the facial and massage Kristen suprised my mom with on Saturday.

The next weekend Matt and I headed to Lafayette for Leigh Ann's Bridal Shower and Sina's graduation. That Saturday night after the shower, the girls (my 3 best friends and I) headed to go out for Leslie's Birthday which was in April. She said she wanted to go out like old times so we organized a scavenger hunt taking her to all the places we used to go to. It was so much fun to go out dancing with them! The next morning Matt woke me up at 8 AM to go wakeboarding (very hard to peel myself off of the bed). I finally got up after trying once before which I think has a lot to do with Sina's new skiing boat that he named Cold Koos Koos (he is a huge LSU fan)

I stayed the week with Erika and Leslie since my school was out and I would just have to go back for the Bachelorette Party. At Erika's I was roomates with baby Isla...cutest little thing ever...but she taught me a lot about baby's. It was a pretty relaxing week.
This past weekend we went to Gulf Shores for Leigh Ann's Bachelorette Party while Matt was in a fishing tournament in Cocadrie. The forecast said rain ALL weekend, but you can never trust the weather on the Gulf Coast. Saturady we laid out by the pool because of the wind and then went out. We had a scavenger hunt for Leigh Ann as well. This was one that made her do things that might be embarrasing because of her soon to be married status. We got stuck out on the Florida line when the cabs were no longer running and had to call 911 to get a cab to come get us. Sunday we relaxed on the beach and boiled crawfish. Monday I headed back to Houston.
This coming weekend Matt and I are going back to Lafayette for the annual Boat Bash and will be coming back Sunday just in time for me to start Summer School on Monday. I will keep in touch,

Matt mulching the front beds

Kristen, Lindsay, and I out in OK
Sushi and dinks for the girls...Mother's Day

Leslie's B-day Celebration

Sina and Garrett on Cold Koos Koos

My first time up!

And down...notice the foot that flew out of the boots as my face crashed into the water like a wall of bricks

Leslie and Erika at our Bachelorette Beach Bonanza

Me and Les

BFF'S after a rough night